Riga Conference was held on September 29-30 at the Latvian National Library. Organized jointly by the Latvian Transatlantic Organization, the Latvian Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, [...]

Caring and Sharing Day: Kurban Bayram (Eid al Adha)

What you seek is seeking you said Rumi. Indeed, Dialogu Nams is looking for harmony in the society where every culture is resected and every human being is given space to exist. That is called [...]

February 24, almost twenty different cultures, who are living in Latvia met with songs, sketches and poems in Latvian language.

Event organized by Dialogu Nams and Latvian Language Agency called “Kopā ar latviešu valodu – latviešu valodā”, (togather with Latvian language in Latvian language) were aimed to bring many nationalities living in Latvia to perform [...]

Dialogue meeting with Bryn Steiner in Norway

Universalism or multiculturalism, to listen or to speak, peace or conflict were among the notions discussed at historical place of Bergen, Literature house at November 25, a cozy place and home for many contemporaries on [...]

Dialogu Nams took part at dialog platform meeting at Patveruma Drosa Maja (Safe house)

Dialogu Nams took part at dialog platform meeting at Patveruma Drosa Maja (Safe house) and its representative guest given an interview to Latvian national television, for the TV Plot series: "Doors Open to Mutual Trust".

In Response to Military Intervention in Turkey

SAT, 16 JUL 2016 12:00 IN PRESS RELEASE On July 15, Friday, Turkey witnessed a coup attempt by sections of the military, which has left dozens dead and injured. The attempt has been successfully put [...]