Riga Conference was held on September 29-30 at the Latvian National Library.
Organized jointly by the Latvian Transatlantic Organization, the Latvian Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, it describes itself as “one of the leading security and defense forums in the region providing a high-level debate platform and valuable networking opportunities.”
The Chairman of Dialogu Nams Mr.Faruk Karacan has participated to conference in person and met with distinguished speakers and the participants from different countries. Brilliant and inspiring discussions were hold on different subjects at the conference. At the same time Dialogu Nams has contributed to this privileged conference by giving assistance with its volunteers to all level of the event.
The first Riga Conference took place in 2006.
Latvian taxpayers contributed 70,000 euros to stage the conference and an allied youth event on September 28, the Future Leaders Forum.
The Conference wrapped up September 30 with a ‘Gala reception’ in the historic Small Guild in Riga’s Old Town.
Thanks to their efforts, all sessions from the conference are already available online, so if you’d like to see what was said and by whom, you can check them all online here.

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