Universalism or multiculturalism, to listen or to speak, peace or conflict were among the notions discussed at historical place of Bergen, Literature house at November 25, a cozy place and home for many contemporaries on the trending topics. This event was organised by the interfaith dialogue initiators of the Bergen. This community meets together very often to discuss interfaith and intercultural dialogue issues, but this time there was a new guests contributing to the event with their valuable opinion and experience. For instance, Ilkhom Khalimzoda from “Dialogu Nams” society from Latvia took part at this event and also we had a guest speaker, prominent peace maker and dialogue initiator from Norway Bryn Steiner. He touched upon very sensitive for some dialogue success stories for instance the Bosnian and Serbian conflict resolution. After watching the movie called “Reunion”, all attendees took a significant part to discuss, learn and to share. Conclusions highlighted the importance of getting to knowing each other very well, the ability to listen and think constructively and make the environment you are in a communicative place so that we can learn from each other.

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