What you seek is seeking you said Rumi. Indeed, Dialogu Nams is looking for harmony in the society where every culture is resected and every human being is given space to exist. That is called peaceful coexistence where different ethnicities, cultures and nationalities live in awareness and acceptance of each other. Globalisation brought cultures more closer then ever inviting us, members of different cultures to find our differences and commonalities and unite around our universal values. Giving hands to people around, smile, acceptance and respect is all among universal values we represent. As Dialogu Nams is mainly represented by Latvian residents from muslim backgrounds, it hosted an event to celebrate one of the two main celebration, which is called Kurban Bayram in Turkish, Eid Al Adha in Arabic at the Riga youth Center “Kanieris” on September 7, 2017. Dialogu Nams was established in 2011 as a nonprofit, and is dedicated to peace, community service, and friendship through dialogue. Dialogu Nams advocates for cooperation between men and women and collaboration for community improvement between people of all backgrounds.

Warm atmosphere, sincere preparations, diverse participants gave more shine to this symbolic event where the intention of participants was to engage in authentic dialogue where people try to learn and reach understanding.

The chairman of the Dialogu Nams Mr.Faruk Karacan gave a short briefing on the importance of the occasion and what it stands for. Then the Ebru art “Marbling on water” master class was presented by the Dialogu Nams volunteer artist Ms. Aysema Savran. Participants including a young boy had a chance to try drawing on water and some of the most beautiful drawings were presented to those who felt in love with this art.

Right after drawings, the dinner began was prepared by the benevolent Turkish community in Riga.

The event was attended by around 70 people from at least 14 nationalities including representatives from different organizations in Latvia and refugees. Noticeable contribution has been made to this event by Shelter “Safe House” volunteers and Latvian Turkish Business Association.

Mr.Karacan also shared some reflections and thoughts for the festival regarding the spirit of the celebration as “sharing happiness with people around” and service to others to the broader goals of Dialogu Nams. He underlined that the Kurban Bayram has significant social and devotional messages that Muslims should grasp and translate into a complete way of life.

In the end, Chairman of the Dialogu Nams thanked the guests for attending, then expanded upon the themes of sharing and service in the community we live. Then he presented the prepared gifts to the participants, thanked all contributors, volunteers, the Youth Centre Kanieris and the event came to the end with amazing family picture but relationships and emotions are still with us.

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