Event organized by Dialogu Nams and Latvian Language Agency called “Kopā ar latviešu valodu – latviešu valodā”, (togather with Latvian language in Latvian language) were aimed to bring many nationalities living in Latvia to perform in Latvian language in order to:

  1. Illustrate the willingness of people who are living in Latvia to learn Latvian language;
  2. Involving people in singing songs, reciting poems and playing in sketches in Latvian language to make it memorable and interesting at the same time;
  3. To be motivation and encourage all other cultures living in Latvia to learn language by doing;

At the day of the event, people from Japan, Turkey, Lithuania, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Russia, Afghanistan, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, India, Tajikistan, USA, Brazilia and China took active roles and enjoyed the best event managers such as Ansis Bogustovs and Roberto Meloni

This event took its place at one of the biggest daily newspaper “Latvijas Avīze” where Ilhoms Halimzoda from Dialogu Nams and Erika Picukane from LVA gave an interview about the event. To read the article pleace click here: http://www.la.lv/valoda-ar-sieviskigu-skanejumu/

Prof. habil. philol. Ina Druviete gave a brilliant opening speech mentioning that “every identity has its first elements, for Latvian’s it is the Latvian language” she said and expressed her gratitude and support of this initiative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqQzZ71e2ac&t=827s

Following, the day before the event, LSM.LV –public broadcasting media of Latvia also wrote about the event:
“If you fancy finding out more or meeting some other non-native Latvian learners, an event is taking place on February 24 that looks like being of interest, and will even feature one of Latvia’s most famous adopted sons, Italian singer and TV chef Roberto Meloni!”
read more..

Furthermore, lots of things to mention but we will live it to our fans and visitors to find out more by watching the program and the interviews about the program on YouTube

As a Dialogu Nams, we are very happy to bring this brilliant people together and we thank all who contributed to this event, supported and attended especially the Latvian Language Agency, Latvian-Turkish Business Association, Prof.Druviete.

For more pictures and video’s, please click here www.valodavieno.lv. Also you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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