As a member of dialogu nams we were invited to take active part at the semposum which aimed to bring authorities, opinion leaders, burocrats, scholars of science and religions, representatives of civic organizations and institutions to discuss the roots of violent extrimism, countering extrimism and notions related to it in Brussles, Belgium.
Symposium organised by Dialogue Platform and KU Leuven Fethullah G├╝len Chair for Intercultural Studies gathered over 250 Islamic scholars, academics and opinion leaders from all over the world convened in Brussels on 15 and 16 March to discuss the cause and counter-measures of radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism. Furthermore, it aimed to stimulate and pool ideas on policy recommendations and community projects that would directly or indirectly undermine violent extremist ideology and recruitment especially within the context of Europe.
This semposium had at least eight workshops simultanously and went very prodcutive, explorative, analytic, enlightining and promising. As a part of the discussion, We have learned a lot and got main points of how such phehomena appear and how we all togehter in commitment can avoid violent extrimism or at least understand the problem, couse, affects and propose solutions for that in practice and on time.

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