On 12 May 2016, at the Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (RPIVA) the International Conference “Solutions to Social Problems” took place. It was organized by the Society “Dialogu Nams”, RPIVA, and the IHSSI (International Humanity and Social Sciences Institute).

At the conference were discussed such topics as integration of immigrants, as well as problems and challenges related to it, the importance of communication and perception in mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. A lot of attention was spent on the topic of the inclusion of children and youth, intercultural learning possibilities, multicultural education and teaching aids for immigrant and re-emigrant children. Such issues as extremism and radicalization were discussed too: one of the lecturers has presented a summary on the Brussels International Symposium “Countering Violent Extremism”.

Participants of the conference were introduced to the research results done by specialists from different fields. Lecturers came from different countries: Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, as well as Latvia. Among the speakers there were PROVIDUS Development Director Ms. Marija Golubeva, Vice President of the UNESCO IBE Council Dr. Liesma Ose, Lithuanian filmmmaker and CEO of the project “Ethnic Kitchen” Ms. Aiste Ptakauske, Phd student and researcher from the University of Latvia Ms. Laura Bužinska, “Atlantis Dialogue Platform” member Mr. Gaygysyz Ashyrov, Tallin University of Technology researcher and president of International Business, Culture and Education Association Mr. Fatih Gullu, as well as Dr. Muhammed M. Akdag from Tubingen University, Germany.

During the conference, participants exchanged their opinions and lecturers shared their interesting personal experience. Listeners and speakers asked each other questions and involved everyone in the discussion.

By organizing this conference, the Society “Dialogu Nams” has tried to give to people answers to their questions on immigrants and integration related topics, because, in our opinion, these issues get more and more attention in Latvia and needs adequate solutions. We hope that this conference gave an interesting insight to these issues and that it will encourage people to be more open and understanding towards each other.
Thank you to the organizations and participants!

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